Doing the Right Thing at Work Matters.

Feel like you need to speak up about an issue at work? Our expert litigation team can make sure your voice is heard.

Our Practice Areas


Legal help for those that have been discriminated against or retaliated against for reporting discrimination.

Sexual Harrassment

For those that have been sexually harassed at work by employees or employers.

Wage & Hour

If you haven’t been paid appropriately for work or working overtime, you can get free legal help.

Employee Handbooks

Proper guidelines for employees can improve workplace productivity and help avoid work related issues.


Drafting Contracts

Preparation of employment agreement contracts, privacy policies, and more.


For employers and employees that need to negotiate employment agreements.

Is There Something Bothering You at Work?

Describe what happened, and we may be able to help you overcome the problems you’re having at work.


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Labor and employment laws are dynamic and a trained attorney can help you to find the best solutions to the problems in your workplace.

Our litigation team at Gainesville Employment Law will help you to analyze your potential courses of action and to decide the best way to proceed with your case.

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Something Troubling You at Work?

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